ZBIKE and JamPacked Productions Partner Up.

ZBIKE, LLC and JamPacked Productions of South Africa partner to promote the benefits of electric bicycles in South Africa. http://jampackedproductions.org

‘Jam Packed Productions’ is an events company which provides sound, lighting, staging, decor, catering and entertainment for all events. It also has a studio production division which covers show reels, jingles, arranging and composition, sound design, post production and final mixes. Regardless of theme or budget, ‘Jam Packed Productions’ does it all.

Entertainment-wise, ‘Jam Packed Productions’ specializes in live music including bands, vocalists, DJs, cabaret shows and more. From lazy, lounge lullabies or dazzling show tunes for your next corporate event, ambient, romantic melodies for your wedding day and some upbeat masterpieces for your reception, to the vibe-creating tunes needed for a good time, ‘Jam Packed Productions’ can provide it.

The production team can also create performance packages for artists. Whether it’s a show reel, music video, original song or album, portfolio, head shots or professional CV you’re after, ‘Jam Packed Productions’ is there to help you accomplish your goals.