Questions and Answers

◦   How much does ZBIKE weigh? Approximately 36lbs without the battery. 

◦   How much does the battery weigh? The battery weighs approximately 2lbs.

◦   What’s the maximum weight limit? Up to 225lbs – we cannot guarantee performance or durability above that weight.

◦   Where can I get replacement parts for ZBIKE? Most replacement parts such as tires, tubes, brake pads, seat, grips and handle bars are readily available online or at most bike shops. You will need to contact us for information on where to buy a replacement motor, battery, controller or display component. 

◦   Can ZBIKE be used in all US States? Please check with your local authorities to determine regulations as they can change frequently.

◦   Do I have to wear a helmet? As with any bicycle, safety should be paramount. We would recommend wearing a helmet, even if your state law does not require it. ZBIKE is not responsible for injuries. Please ride safely.

◦   Can I pick up ZBIKE locally? No – at this time we are not offering a local pick-up. One of the reasons our prices are so low is because we ship direct from the factory to our customer’s home or office.

◦   Where are ZBIKE manufactured? ZBIKE is designed by in California and manufactured to our specifications in Asia by our factory partner. Our partner factory has been building e-bikes for many years and we stand behind its workmanship.

◦   What is the top speed of ZBIKE? By law the top speed is restricted to 20 MPH without pedaling.

◦   How do you control the motor? ZBIKE can be propelled 100% by its Motor by use of the Throttle or by Pedal Assist.

◦   What is pedal assist and how does it work? Pedal assist uses a torque sensor built into the drivetrain which registers when you are pedaling and automatically turns the electric motor on to provide assistance when pedaling. The sensor turns the motor on when you start pedaling. You can adjust the level of assistance with the screen from 1-3 (lowest amount of assistance) based on the model (highest amount of assistance) to match your desired speed.

◦   How far can ZBIKE go on a single charge? There are many variables that effect exactly how far you will be able to travel on a single charge – wind, hills, payload, and speed. On average, you can go 36 miles per charge in flat commute/urban environments with a 180 lbs rider and 20-25 miles in hilly off-road trail riding conditions with no pedaling. When you pedal you extend your range. The more pedaling you do, the less power it will consume, and the longer you will be able to travel!

◦   How many times can the battery be re-charged? ZBIKE has top of the line high-quality lithium-ion battery cells which provide approximately 600 full charge cycles before a replacement is needed.

◦   How long does it take to charge the battery? On average, the lithium-ion battery takes 2 hours to charge with the included 2 Amp charger. That time is cut down considerably on shorter trips where you only partially discharge the battery pack.

◦   Is ZBIKE street legal? ZBIKE is considered a bicycle and can be used in the same way as a pedal-only bicycle in most locations. However, there are a multitude of localities with restrictions so users must check with local law enforcement to be sure they are riding within the law.

◦   Does ZBIKE come with a Warranty? The Warranty on all original components against defect from normal use for 6 months from the date you take possession.

◦   Can I put a rear rack on the back of my ZBIKE?  YES.

◦   Does an e-bike work in the rain? The components of ZBIKE are all water resistant and work very well in wet conditions, but you should take care to keep your bike parked indoors whenever possible and in a dry location when in storage. We don’t recommend riding your ZBIKE in the rain. The display, motor, and battery pack are all designed to operate just fine in normal drizzle, but you should always take care to dry off your bike and store it properly between uses to prevent corrosion.